Coco Logo Mats

Coco Logo Mats are a excellent way to promote your company's image and enhance your brand to attract and retain customers. Customized coco mats broadcast your logo and while functionally cleaning shoes as people walk across. These mats are perfect for recessed wells or surface-mounted applications. Flocked coco logo mats are used primarily for short-term, promotional use while inlaid coco logo mats are selected for long-term, heavy-duty usage. Both types of coco mats use natural, eco-friendly coco fiber.

Flocked Logo Cocoa Mats

Flocked Logo Cocoa Mats are made of coarse coconut husk fibers embedded in a vinyl backing with the logo flocked, or felted, on top of the coco fiber surface.

• Logos felted onto mat's surface
• Ideal for promotional use
• Extended color palette for PMS color matching
• Ideal for light-moderate traffic, indoor areas

Inlay Coco Logo Mats

Inlay Coco Logo Mats are heavy-duty logo mats, well suited for high- traffic locations. The coarse, dense surface on these custom coco mats works hard to scrape shoes to remove dirt, debris, and moisture.

• Designs are produced in razor sharp clarity and detail
• Logo areas are inlaid into like a puzzle
• Beveled border is applied for surface-mounted use
• Deep-pile design traps dirt below the surface
• Ideal for high-traffic, indoor / covered outdoor areas
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