Coco Mats - Natural, Renewable Matting

Cocoa Mats (also called coco mats) are one of the most effective and most environmentally sound entrance mats available today. Their ability to remove dirt and debris along with its durability, even if the most heavily-trafficked locations, has made it popular not only for eco-conscious commercial purchasers, but for residential consumers as well. Coco matting can be implemented in a variety of settings and is available with several different...

How Coco Mats are Made

Coco Mats are a completely natural product that originates from the coconut.  Cocofibers are taken from the outer husk of coconuts, specifically the seed pod of the coconut palm. Ripe coco fibers have a greater amount of lignin, a complex wood compound, and lower amounts of cellulose than fibers such as flax or cotton.  This makeup gives coco fibers greater strength (though less flexibility).  Additionally, coco fibers are essentially water-proof and thus coco mats dry relatively quickly...

Vinyl Backed Coco Mats

There are two types of coco mats: vinyl backed coco mats made for commercial locations and interwoven coco mats that are intended for residential use.  Vinyl backed mats are ideal for higher-traffic use whereas the interwoven mats are usually thinner and looser and geared primarily for lighter duty use.  For any recessed (inlaid) application, a vinyl backed mat is needed.

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