Vinyl Backed Coco Mats

Vinyl Backed Coco Mats: Ideal for Inlaid Applications

There are two types of coco mats: vinyl backed coco mats made for commercial locations and interwoven coco mats that are intended for residential use.  Vinyl backed mats are ideal for higher-traffic use whereas the interwoven mats are usually thinner and looser and geared primarily for lighter duty use.  For any recessed (inlaid) application, a vinyl backed mat is needed.

Vinyl Backed Coco Matting is produced by adhering the ends of shaven coconut fiber husks into a liquid vinyl.  Once the vinyl cools and hardens it holds the coco fibers securely in place.  This method of manufacturing allows the fibers to stand up straight which produces a more textured surface that not only scrapes off more dirt and debris but also is more resilient to constant traffic.

Because the coco fibers are vertically adhered to the vinyl backing, these fibers can be cut in several different heights (or thicknesses) depending on the depth of the recess.  The most traditional thicknesses available are 1/2", 5/8” and 3/4" but 1” and 1-1/4” are also readily available.  Natural color is available in all thicknesses; all other colors are only available in the 5/8” and 3/4" thicknesses.

Vinyl Backed Coco Mats are manufactured on a roll that measures 6’ 6” wide and 40’ long.  Because these mats start as a roll good, they can be cut down to virtually any size necessary.  If a recessed area is larger than 78” x 78”, two pieces can be inlaid next to each in the recess without having to worry about the two mats overlapping.  Most often these coco mats are shipped slightly oversized so that they can be cut-in in the field in case the recessed area is not perfectly square.

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