Rubber Timbers - Mulch Edging

Rubber Timbers are heavy-duty edging designed to keep mulch in its place and provide an appealing transition from mulch to grass. Unlike wood and plastic, rubber timbers are flexible, weather- and insect-resistant and do not fade or rot. Plus, it's completely safe around pets and kids. Rubber Timbers comes from 100% recycled rubber, which makes these rubber edging the perfect trim around mulch groundcover for both residential and commercial landscaping applications.


• Rated as the safest, longest-lasting rubber timbers on the market

• Provides a colorfast, durable and safe alternative to wood & plastic

• 5 times heavier than wood and 10x heavier than plastic – will not get knocked around or toppled over. Drain slats let water easily flow out from playground and landscape areas to prevent pooling.

• Does not absorb water or erode during heavy rain and flooding

• Does not attract termites, carpenter ants or other harmful insects

• Each timber includes 3 anchors (spikes)

• Warrantied against fading for up to 12 years

• IPEMA and ASTM certified


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Rubber Timbers - Mulch Edging

Standard Configuration

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)
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1-10 $495.00
11-25 $490.00
26-50 $486.00
51-500 $484.00
1-10 $769.00
11-25 $764.00
26-50 $759.00
51-500 $756.00
1-10 $1,035.00
11-25 $1,024.00
26-50 $1,016.00
51-500 $1,008.00
1-10 $509.00
11-25 $505.00
26-50 $499.00
51-500 $496.00
1-10 $775.00
11-25 $769.00
26-50 $764.00
51-500 $760.00
1-10 $1,049.00
11-25 $1,036.00
26-50 $1,024.00
51-500 $1,016.00
1-10 $668.00
11-25 $660.00
26-50 $644.00
51-500 $632.00
1-10 $979.00
11-25 $968.00
26-50 $960.00
51-500 $948.00
1-10 $1,475.00
11-25 $1,460.00
26-50 $1,448.00
51-500 $1,432.00
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Customer Questions & Answers

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Will these timbers get damaged by a lawnmower or weed wacker?
- Stevland M.

The Rubber Timbers are engineered to take a beating - they're manufactured with a high-density, durable rubber that can be bumped, dinged, bashed into and repeatedly whipped with a weed wacker and will still look great and hold up for years!

How can I cut the length of these timbers? Is the rubber hard to cut?
- Rivers C.

Rubber Timbers are manufactured from high-density, premium rubber so that they can withstand the elements (and the landscapers) for years.  Though they're tough, the timbers certainly still be cut to size with either a utility (razor) knife and a fresh blade, a chop saw with a fine-tooth blade or a (flooring) tile cutter.  Any of these methods will give you a clean, professional-looking edge.

Why do you offer such substantial quantity pricing on these rubber timbers?
- Eddie V.

Rubber timbers need to ship on a freight truck and, unlike UPS where size, weight and quantity directly affect the shipping, it's less so with a trucking company.  Although these rubber timbers ship for FREE, we're able to package more timbers with minimal additional packaging and space on the truck.

Where are these timbers made?
- Wayne F.

Our Rubber Timbers are manufactured here in the US from American-sourced raw components, which ensures a high quality, long lasting timber product.

How flexible are the timbers? Can they easily bend around a round flower bed?
- Ides M.

Certainly!  Rubber Timbers are dense yet flexible and can easily conform to just about any shape needed.  Once installed, the timbers will maintain the desired shape forever.

Can water drain beneath or through the timbers? I don't want the playground to become a pool.
- David J.

Absolutely - water and snow can easily drain away thanks to the drainage slats on the underside of each timber.  This design feature keeps the mulch in place while allowing the moisture to easily escape.

How do I calculate shipping costs?
- Simon M.

All rubber timbers ship for FREE within the contiguous US regardless of order size.

Will the colors run or fade? Can they stain my lawn?
- Timothy B.

Thanks to the colorfast technology, these timbers won't bleed and stain the grass, mulch or anything else around.  The rubber timbers are also virtually impervious to sun and rain and will continue looking (and functioning) great for years!

How do I clean the timbers?
- Randy M.

Simple - you can sweep the area for general debris or use a blower (on the lowest setting) to remove dirt.  For a more thorough cleaning, they can be hosed off or cleaned with a power washer (though it's certainly not necessary).  The timbers are quite low maintenance and need little, if any, attention once installed.

Can my kids or my dog get sick from being around the timbers?
- Don H.

These timbers are made from the same raw materials as our playground mulch and according to the same stringent safety standards.  This rubber is designed to meet or exceed the strictest government standards so that they can be used in homes, schools and playgrounds without fear or concern.  The timbers are non-toxic, IPEMA and ASTM certified safe.

How are the timbers installed?
- Joe W.

Installing the rubber timbers is straightforward.  Simply drill three 1/2" holes: two holes approximately 8" from each end and one in the middle.  Fully hammer each spike through these holes as far as they can go and make sure the top of the spike is fully down to prevent tripping.  Installation complete!

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