Rubber Underlayment

Rubber Underlayment is manufactured from commercial-grade rubber and acts as a critical component for use under tile, wood, ceramic and laminate floors to reduce noise, protect the flooring, provide insulation and mitigate cracking from settlement.

• Rubber Underlayment lays flat and doesn't curl up.

• Rubber is the best material for use as underlayment due to this substance being manufactured from heavy-duty, non-porous, mold & mildew resistant rubber.

• Ideal for use under wood, tile, marble, ceramic, terrazzo and laminate floors (though not recommended under vinyl).

• Available in 5mm, 6mm, 10mm and 12mm thicknesses.

• Rubber offers superior sound insulation from loud talking, music and tv as well as objects that strike the floor (like dropped objects and shoes). Additionally, rubber provides insulation against cold subfloors, especially in winter.

• Please note that the color/color intensity can vary from one roll to the next depending on the raw rubber components. Also, this material is not intended for use as top-layer, rubber fitness flooring.

NOTE: You will be contacted with a Freight Quote for your approval before shipment of goods.


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Rubber Underlayment
  • Rubber Underlayment
  • Rubber Underlayment
  • Rubber Underlayment

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